The redesign of HQ and the Monster cake!

We are back from an unplanned break of a few months, even though we knew the redesign was imminent and had been in the plans for two years; it still crept up on us. But the downtime also gave us the chance to have a think about the direction of #nofoodlimits, the marketing and the tone of our publications.

The aim of NoFL is to educate and give people the information to help that will help them with their nutritional needs, whether it is to lose a bit of weight or for medical reasons – therefore we knew the y was very important and it required a lot thought as the last thing we want to do is patronise or create an approach of ‘don’t do as we do, do as we say!’ (which going by some of our Instagram uploads of cake, we were at risk of going down the unintentional route of that). But we are now ready to resume and have a few items in the pipeline.

The upcoming posts will ‎relate to some of our core publications which will be around child nutrition, nutrition for shift workers and foods that make your heart happy. These core documents will be available this year through our database, further details to follow.

These publications will be posted in a more condensed format on the website database, with wider knowledge on retail outlets such as Amazon and Lulu.

But, we have made a recent development and that is to our merchandise. Please visit Cafepress to view the range.

We are also involved in SwimFor2k which is raising money this year for the British Heart Foundation and Marine Conservation Society UK, one of our campaigners’ K J Foxhall has been involved in the panel of the British Nutrition Foundation.

Lastly, and again on the subject of cake, behold the monster cake.


This was the cake made for Monster’s first birthday by Cakebox. Monster (littlest human of NoFL) was very honoured to receive this cake, which was made with fresh cream, a very light sponge with a jam and cream filling. Iced in two colours, it was egg and gluten free. We did allow Monster to have a try of it, after all it was for their birthday, but they were not as enthused by it as the adults were.

We will post more updates shortly, but in the meantime, check out our Twitter feedInstagram page and website.


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