The Perfect Brownie

What happens when a Londoner becomes pregnant in a pro-fitness skinny latte city?
The unlikely of parents, ones that had resided themselves to the possibility of never having children due to their careers and fun lives they had created. This is a true story following a London city worker in the legal sector, how she returned to her pre-pregnancy weight 6 days after the birth, and funny anecdotes between her and her husband during the pregnancy. With no prior experience of children, they find out the cost and general upkeep of life with a little human in the household and the battle of schedules of a city worker and a public sector shift worker.

This is a must read for anyone looking to have children and at the same time those that already have children will completely relate to the planning and life changing experiences involved.

An enjoyable and funny read without the gory details coming soon to the No Food Limits website.


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